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Two weeks out from the machine intelligence system the Roshaa picked up indications of another much smaller space ship in the area she was approaching. There was a very puzzling aspect to this discovery because while they were several light years from the nearest star the other space ship they had sensed was only moving at a relatively low sub-light speed. At that rate of travel it would take thousands of years for the other spaceship to reach even the nearest star.The ship that the Roshaa had found was a warship of the Maa people which had been damaged in battle more than a month before. Part of this damage was the FTL drive of the Maa warship was completely disabled and beyond the capability of the surviving crew to repair with the resources they had available. So for the Maa crew on board that ship it was a sentence of eventual death unless by some faint chance they were rescued. But the area was isolated from the usual lanes of interstellar travel so it was unlikely anyone would. It has long since occupied her mind that she would ask Amit about his marriage plans. He had started waiting for that time . One evening, Veerta tried about talking to his son about it.‘Hey beta ! I was wondering if I could talk something important to you’ said mother Veerta coming into his room. It had clean curtains and a flower printed bedsheet was laid invitingly. Veerta was dressed in a yellow nightgown with belt in front. She had pink bra and black polka dotted panties underneath and they made their shape enticingly under the skimpy yellow nightgown. The moment, she stepped into the room, Amit watched her sensuously. He was forgetting that she was his own blood mother. She walked and reached next to him. Blood rushed in his cock. He quickly woke himself up and said that what the hell he was thinking. Veerta came next to him and said,‘Hello, where are you lost. We have got something to discuss. It is relating to your marriage.’‘What marriage. I don’t want to marry’ Amit said.
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