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”“She hurt you badly. She violated your trust. So why see her now? She told you the reasons, and you felt they weren’t that good enough, right?”Kara’s tone wasn’t accusatory, but questioning. She was trying to feel me out for what I really thought.“I thought they weren’t. But Jennie pointed out that I needed to talk it out with Jennifer, for my sake, for Jennifer’s sake, and, Kara, for your sake. Jennie felt I needed closure, like I had with Birgit, or it would always bother me. And then, someday, if Jennifer and I would meet, the same thing that happened with Becky might happen with Jennifer. That scared me enough that I knew I needed to talk things out with Jennifer.”“What do you hope to get by doing that?”“Closure. I want to really understand why she did it and I want to figure out how to be friends with her going forward.”“Just friends? Is that where it stops?”“I don’t see how it could be anything more. I don’t trust her not to hide things from me. She has a history of doing that. She agreed but on a condition that I’ll meet her daily in the morning, before school starts near her home. I denied saying that it’s risky. She, that evening took me to her house, introduced me to her parents as her best friend.I thought that I was dead right then, but her mother came to me, embraced me and said, “My daughter never stops talking about you. I thought she was in bad company.But when I saw you the other day on Parent Teacher Meet, I understood your mindset. I’m happy that she has such a good friend”. And I bet my smile could have torn apart my lower jaw from my face.So, after getting confidence from this, I decided to introduce her to my parents.I got a surprise instead that her parents already met my parents and none had any objection with our friendship. We used to visit each other’s house so frequently, that we forgot whose house we were in.Days passed, then weeks and then months. Our bond got stronger and we trusted each other more than ourselves.On the day of.
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