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” The man sits back into his chair and continues drinking his vodka.“You seem to forget your place, human,” the figure warns.“Do I?” the man asks, raising an eyebrow. “See, as far as I see it, if I was not here to run things, all the men under my command would just up and leave. As you can see, they are loyal to me and no one else. So you tell me if I have forgotten my place again.”“Insolent human,” the Goji growls. Anger wells up in him. But the human is right, without him the men under him wouldn’t stick around to serve the Goji. “The day will come and you won’t be able to hide behind your position.”“Nevertheless, that day isn’t now,” Sergey sighs. “As far as these two agents go, I can easily get rid of them. No one can go unnoticed in my country.”“Trying to get rid of them causes more trouble than it’s worth,” the Goji reiterates. “We’ve already found that out, a mistake to keep your eye out for.”“Failure should not be tolerated,” Sergey says before downing the remainder of his. .. yet! Clifford, you really don't look half bad, either."Kathy was utterly aghast. "But that means you're William H. Clifford? But you're ... you're..." You have a couple of bucks, Dad," Connie interjected. "I'm pretty sure that's what she's trying to say. And I guess that's true, too." She looked at Ali and said, "Are you really sure Kathy is good with languages? She seems to have some problem with English." Connie shrugged and added, "Oh, well, I guess I read somewhere that it's a very complex language. Maybe she does better with easier ones."Everyone laughed at Kathy's expense. Kathy just giggled until Bill came over and gave her a check. It was made out to her for $35,000. Her eyes widened and she gasped when she saw the amount. Carefully, she tore it into small pieces and put them in an ashtray. Bill just shrugged, took out his checkbook and wrote another check. This one was for $70,000.When he gave it to her, she looked at it and then looked up at him. Tears were in her eyes.
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