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She didn't only catch the attention of her colleagues but of every boy in the entire school that year. I sat next to a guy I knew named Jake. He was one of those football playing jock types. He didn't seem to be much of a genius at times but due to his needed presence on the field it seemed that he managed to just slide on through most classes. On this particular day Ms. P was wearing her usual sexy teacher outfit. A skirt and blouse but this day she seemed to be showing a little more cleavage than any other days before. We would always comment, Jake and I , upon her sex appeal but with her lack of worry about school appropriate attire that day, we felt it less necessary to keep our comments quiet. So Jake and I exchanged thoughts on how Ms. P was dressed and some things that we would like to do to her. One of our comments must have startled her because she dropped her eraser on the way to the whiteboard. When she bent over to pick it up, seemly bursting at the seams, Jake blurted. "The bonus room?" I asked, trying not to sound completely stunned.Back home, the bonus room had served as a playroom when Katie and Iwere younger. Legos, a toy kitchen, and small drawing desks were nearpermanent fixtures. Hell, we even slept in there more than a fewnights. It was our Fortress of Solitude. Our escape from our parents?watchful eyes.However, once I?d hit my teens and lost interest in spending my timeplaying with my kid sister, Dad decided to convert it into a Man Cave.Well, a Man/Boy Cave. He?d added a large high-def television, tworecliners, a mini-fridge, and an entertainment center which includedthe latest gaming console. He and I were responsible for the completeannihilation of many a weekend in that room.She nodded. "Come on, let?s get to it." A quick wink of superiority wasthrown my way, then Katie bounced out the door and down the hall.I walked over to the dresser and began pulling out clothes. Grabbing apair of dark red tights and a matching top, I thought about.
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