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“Well, good,” I said, ignoring the sarcasm. “I’m headed back home, unless you have anything else for me?”“No, I’ll sort this out and talk to you on Monday.”I headed back home and was surprised to find Tami and Judy sitting on the couch inside, bracketed by Zoe and Tina, who were each hugging their respective friend.While it wasn’t unusual to have Tami around the house, and occasionally Judy over to see Tina, it was rare that they were there at the same time and even more rare that they were together when at our house.They also had both been crying.“What happened?” I asked, setting down my stuff and going to them.“Their parents kicked them out,” Mom said from her seat across the room.“They went to church,” Tami said in between gulps of air as she tried to compose herself. “When they got home, they said we were no longer welcome in their house. Dad said as far as he cared, he had no children.”“What?” I asked, shocked.“Dad said we had pushed too far, and that they did not want us in the. A baby is a big thing Misha, it’s a lifetime commitment and not something we had planned.’ Misha looked her in the eye, holding her chin up so she couldn’t avoid his stare. ‘Froo I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Your right, we didn’t plan this, but it’s happened and it’s a miracle of life. I know you don’t love me, but I promise you what ever you decide I will be there, to support you. You and Jace and the baby are my family, and you will never have to worry about my side of things.’ Getting up and walking into the bedroom he stood looking out of the window, onto the field and the early morning joggers, his emotions churning inside of him. After a while he felt her arms slip around him from behind, and her body lean up against his back. ‘Misha, I adore you.’ Turning around and circling her with his arms, pulling her into his body, he whispered, ‘I’ll take what ever you offer, Froo. I love you, and I’m not going anywhere. With you I have no choice.’ * A couple.
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