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I was just lucky that party was in Francine’s apartment or else it would have happened in mine. It wasn’t the first time they had drunken orgies. I stayed well clear of the place if I came home and found them here.”“Had you seen my daughters at these parties?” Raymond had to ask.Edward looked thoughtful, “Yeah, they were at one that happened a few weeks before the bust. I think they had not long joined that group. It surprised me to see them at the party, as I didn’t think they were into that sort of thing. I did remind Collin that the Shields were watching my apartment thanks to him.”“I don’t know if they participated willingly or not. Other than seeing them kissing Sven and Dylan they were clothed when I came home. A few of the others were doing a lot of heavy petting. I just grabbed some clean clothes and went to Jake’s room to get some sleep.”“Why did you say willing or not?” Raymond asked.Edward blushed and said, “Like I said, I didn’t hang around if Francine, Collin and their. This is my wife, Sarah. The identical twin redhead is her sister, Rebecca, who just happens to be married to my little brother, John, who is sitting next to her. He’s retired from the army as a Colonel. Our little sister Elizabeth over here is married to and sitting beside Franklin O’ Neil. My son Mike, my daughter Jackie, John and Rebecca’s son, John Jr., usually called Johnnie, and lastly, Liz and Frank’s daughter Cynthia, who just turned fourteen two months ago. OK, kids, could you introduce your dates and give us their ages please.”Mike, at seventeen, the oldest of the teens, went first. “This is my prospective fiancé, Susan Bellows. She is sixteen and a half. We’ve been going together for eighteen months now.” Mike looked like a younger, slimmer version of his father, medium height, neat, light brown hair worn short and he had intelligent, hazel eyes. Susan was a bit taller than the average girl, slim, but not skinny, with a very nice figure and long, dark hair.Chestnut haired.
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