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“And they won’t let us in. Not even to see Kari. But her maybe a little later. She’s not in a life-threatening situation, but she has lost a deal of blood, was what I was told.” Lea Hanson nodded.“Momma, the doctor says it’ll be today,” said Kari. Lea Hanson, turned to her daughter.“Yes, we hope so,” said Kari. “My God we do.” Her daughter nodded.“Will he hate me, Momma?” she said.“No, no, we won’t let him. Not a chance. He’s going to be upset, okay, but I think what you did, were doing, was a good thing. He got to know you without any baggage. Now, he’ll know that, realize it, and hopefully, appreciate it,” said Lea.“It’s been three months, Momma. When he awakens, is he going to be okay?” said Kari.“Yes, we will not allow anything else. He has to be okay. I demand it!” said Lea.“Is daddy going to be here,” she said.“Stepdaddy, reminded Lea.“Yes, yes, Stepdaddy. I hope that makes a difference to Daddy,” said Kari.“It will. I feel it. It will. It must,” she said.Two nurses and a man. “Swetha, I know what you are trying to say; I think I too have the same feelings for you”. Then I knelt down and proposed “Will you be my girlfriend?” She got all shocked and smiled and said “Yes, I love you!” We hugged each other. It felt great, heavenly; well a word can’t describe the feeling. Yes, I’m in a relationship with the girl I love the most. We had awesome time together, we roam many places, and we often hug each other, kiss each other, but never have tried sex.PresentlyEverything will happen. Just we have to be patient. So for me also the time came. We decided to celebrate our 5th year anniversary in a grand way. So we thought that we will go out somewhere and have fun. So we decided to go to Kodaikanal, an awesome hill station at southern part of Tamil Nadu. We planned our travel in bus as that was shorter. So we packed and started, the travel was during night, and luckily we got our seats almost at the back. It was an A/C Bus and there wasn’t much crowd. She sat at the.
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