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. when they turn violent and try to hurt themselves!I AM NOT INSANE!No! he disciplined himself. Show nothing. Stay calm. Control yourself. Say nothing, show nothing, yield nothing! Give NOTHING away. Be strong!Adams stiffened himself. He braced himself rigidly against the chair. He clasped his hands firmly together. He inhaled a steadying breath, forced his eyes to focus above their heads and picked a small crack between the sound-dampening tiles above the mirrored window. I am unshakeable! They cannot touch me! he resolved.When Mike raised his hand and extended a finger, it cued Amber and Otto to start the 16mm film cameras rolling. Both were set on tripods, aimed through the one-way mirror, pointed at the people seated on the other side. The cameras held wide-angle and telephoto lenses on a rotating lens assembly. Otto started with the wide-angle lenses to include the backs and heads of the three seated figures, the tripods raised for a clear view of Adams and his table down to his. “Gronn, go up front please, I have things under control here.” He said softly and Gronn moved to the front, the car pulling away immediately afterwards. He studied her for a long time as the limo whisked quietly through the city heading who knew where, his attention making her increasingly uncomfortable. She realized he was not looking at her like another person, but as a piece of property that he owned, something to be protected and defended from anyone’s touch but his own if necessary and she was sure this man had what it would take to make that happen. She was unused to this kind of appraisal, she knew she was pretty, she had felt men’s eyes on her before but not like this…never like this and it made her feel…humiliated and a little scared but it also made her a little aroused as well. Father and mother had never let her date and because of some unknown reason, boys at school had avoided her like the plague…probably because of her father’s influence here in town but that.
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