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But it was another shock which came , her favourite one, the one from her paddle delivered very hard and firm across her left buttock, making it sting, but a pleasant sting, an arousing sting. Three more times it came down hard on the same buttock, then he switched to the other one and done the same again, she was shivering with the pain and also the excitement. She then felt him lay a cold cloth over her buttocks to take some of the pain away, this was one of his nice gentle touches that attracted her to his style of pain. Then she suddenly felt the electric shock enter her anus hole, it shot her forward as she was still bent over, but again the Dom caught her, and lowered her to the floor. She had never felt pain like it and was sure she would not be able to sit for a long time or go to the toilet. She nealt on all fours on the floor recovering, the pain in her buttocks long forgotten. The Dom came around in front of her and told her to look up in to his eyes. As her wet eyes. He opened the door and pushed her forward. The whole room was a wet room, it had cost a fortune to have it done, but here was even a large plasma screen behind a waterproof covering. He led her over to the showere unit and hook her arms up high on a hook. The screen was opposte her. He went and flipped a switch and she appeared in full colour on the large screen.She realised he saw the look she had given him, she lowered her head. He took har glass and went over to the desk and put the glasses down. When he returned to her she saw that he had some sort of chain in his hand, she was about to say something but thought better of it. He attached the chain to the cuffs and she was yanked to her feet. When he tweeked her nipples it hurt and she was embarressed because she had felt a tingle in her groin. He pinched her hard and she squealed. He pulled her through the door, and up the ornate staircase, she noticed that there where painting on the walls, ancestors maybe, their eyes seemed to.
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