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She had picked up a special order for Norma Jean because of her special gift. Normally Exie would just go in and purchase a variety of items as seeing Norma Jean dressed in dainty pieces of lingerie arouses her beyond belief. But when it comes time for the change, that lingerie just doesn’t hold up. Sure, it makes the job of undressing easier for the both of them, but there is just something fun about fucking with it still on that Exie likes. So she had a special outfit made by a research and development company. It cost her a small fortune, but her auction house brings in more than enough money.“I’m sorry it took so long,” Norma Jean says. “The party went on a little longer than expected. “It was a bit surprising.”“It’s no problem,” Exie says, giving the woman a kiss on the lip. “It gave me time to grab your gift. It was supposed to be here yesterday, but you know how deliveries go.”“I do,” Norma Jean agrees. She works with Exie, mainly in dealing with the shipping of the products. I flippedthrough it and noticed some kissing scenes. I was shocked and didn't knowhow to react. But I took it in stride. Rehearsals went well until thenight before we where supposed to do our kissing scene. We where also incostumes at this point. I was wearing a pink poodle skirt, a white blouse,and unfortunately a bra with some silicone breast forms. Steve was wearingjeans, black boots, and a white t-shirt.After that evenings rehearsal Steve asked if we could go over some linesthat evening. I agreed and he wondered if we could meet in costume. I saidyes, and we walked over to his room. He was lucky enough to have a room ofhis own. We sat down on the bed, and whipped out our scripts.We both turned to the next scene. It told us to embrace so we did. Ourarms came around each other our and so did our scripts. We read each otherour lines, and we both paused when we where supposed to kiss. I dropped myscript to the bed and so did Steve. Steve took my head in his hands andbrought his lips.
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