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At the most we would go exploring, time and energy permitting on weekends. We would visit some pubs and return after couple of drinks. Our client informed us that a long weekend was coming up in the following week and we would not be required from Thursday. I started surfing the net and came across a festival at a nude beach. The beach was known for its wild parties, I quickly booked my tickets and hotel room. I knew for a fact that my colleague Dipti would never agree to come to a nude beach and I did want to lose this opportunity of a lifetime.We were having drinks in a pub and making plans for the long weekend. I suggested that Dipti should check out some nearby resorts. Dipti asked me to join her and I declined.Dipti kept persisting that I should join her and I firmly declined. Dipti kept asking me about my plans and I was finally forced to admit that I had made my own plans. Dipti was upset that I didn’t discuss with her and I was not taking her along. She wanted me to discuss. In the picture Jimmy has a curling iron held up to the leftside of his face. I could see his hair wrapped around the barrel of theiron. It shined and looked silky and for a moment I wondered how Jimmylearned to curl his hair.With the third picture Jimmy started to peak my interest. It was justJimmy staring at the camera, no real expression on his face but whatcaught my eye the most was the curl now dangling from his left side. Itwas perfect and I wanted to play with it. I was having "feelings" and itwas Jimmy that was giving them to me. The curl shined and looked likethe type of curl that if pulled would spring back to the exact curl thatI'm looking at now. I shook my head and went for another gulp of beer.It had been six minutes since the last picture and I was growingimpatient. I sent a quick text to Jimmy. **Where's the rest?**.I got a text back right away, **:)**. I knew that must have put him atease. I wasn't telling the guy to go away and I wasn't calling him afreak. Within a.
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