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All those conflicting thoughts aboutsexuality seemed to have faded away in the instant our lips had touchedand I'd inhaled the scent of Joe's cologne. I'd melted into his arms ashe kissed me deeply, his tongue parting my lips softly but firmly andmeeting my timid tongue which hesitantly touched his in return. As wekissed I felt Joe wrap his arms around me and I felt my head forced backas he deepened the kiss and lifted me up onto his lap. I squealed as heeffortlessly placed me down and my hands wrapped around his broad,muscular shoulders. We kissed passionately for the next few minutes,sparks of electricity running through my body until I felt a largeswelling beneath me. I broke the kiss, gasping heavily and looked downat the massive bulge in Joe's trousers which was still growing. I lookedinto Joe's eyes and he winked suggestively, licking his lips at me.I slid down off his lap and rested my knees into the plush carpet of thehotel room as Joe shuffled to position himself on the edge. “That will be all for now ladies, you may return to your duties.” She told them.“Ms Anderson could you join us in the Lounge for tea while you bring Heather up to date on the household?” Marek asked as the staff started to disperse.“Certainly Sir.” Ms Anderson said and turning back to the staff clapped her hands loudly, the women all turned at the sound. “Cynthia, tea for three in the lounge please.”A short girl with coffee colouring that Heather remembered as being introduced as Cynthia earlier curtsied “Yes Ms Anderson.” she said and hurried from the room.Marek took Heather’s arm again and led her from the room, they were followed by the housekeeper.The lounge was yet another surprise to Heather, it would have fitted well into any modern house. Two large sofas faced a modern large flat screen television with a coffee table in front of them. The decor was actually very similar to the living room of Marek’s flat.Marek and Ms Anderson waited patiently while Heather poked around the.
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