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I noticed a few things missing, presumably taken by her father when he moved out. It felt different. "I hope you're hungry, Ronnie," Mrs. Coleman smiled. There were two big boxes of pizza on the counter. "I may have ordered too much, but it's a celebration! Did Amy tell you? I sold a house today!" "Yes Ma'am, she told me," I smiled back. "Congratulations." Emmaline Coleman was a real estate agent, and reasonable successful, as far as I knew. Her face was on bus benches all over town, so I would have known her as a beautiful woman even if she wasn't a neighbour. She had long, wavy blonde hair, lovely blue eyes, and very kissable lips. How her husband could have cheated on her, I don't know. They had a pool in their yard, and while that meant I had seen Amy in a bikini often enough to fuel plenty of adolescent fantasies, I had never seen Emma, as she called herself, dressed in any way but proper. Her business attire was all business, and she seemed to carry that over to home as well.. Now he was left living in a rented trailer with no car, and no girl. Advantages were simply something he did not possess. He was tall and thin, six foot, 130 pounds with plain brown hair, and ordinary brown eyes. Even in his nicest clothes, a lack of confidence grown from a life of have-not made him seem insignificant. There was no money either, mom bailed out on him and dad when Nate was two. Dad meanwhile worked as a tow truck driver, and they used the company truck to get around. Eleven years ago dad had fallen asleep at the wheel and rammed a family on vacation in their minivan. Naturally they had sued, and now almost all of dad’s checks went to the state to cover the lawsuit. At the end of the month there was never cash for nice things. Hell, they didn’t even order pizza. When the sun rose the next morning Nathan Prescott was acutely aware that his life was a clean slate. No more high school as of three months ago, no more girl as of six hours ago, and nothing left to do with.
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