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He continued to kiss me, laying his body lightly on top of mine. It didn’t matter to me if he put all his weight on top of me; I wanted him so badly I’d willingly take the pain. “Baby girl…” He whispered as his lips parted from mine. “Yes Daddy…?” I shut my eyes, afraid of what his expression would tell me. I didn’t want him to deny me… to send me away when I wanted him so desperately. “If we go down this road… we can’t turn back.” I nodded slowly, I knew that, but it didn’t matter, I didn't want to turn back.“I know Daddy.” My eyes fluttered open, his face was contorted in the most loving expression I’d seen on his face yet. I gasped softly as he came down to place his mouth on my neck. I moaned roughly, my hand within his hair lightly pulling. He slowly chewed on my pale skin, a groan passing my lips as I started to bite my lower lip. Slowly my Father pulled off me, sitting up and pulling me into the same position. I starred up at him, his fingers curling under the hem of my swim. She lathers her thighs and the sticky evidence of her fun with her father washes away. There’s more where that came from. She smiles to herself. And it’s all mine! None of it for poor old Mom. Her lips form a pout as she completes the thought. Suds from the body wash spreads along her nether lips, and Zaria uses her fingers to cleanse them as well. Then she uses her digits to stroke her clit. And as the world around her washes away, the Ish’s breathing becomes deeper while images of her father fucking her from behind take center stage in her mind. When her orgasm approaches, those visions of his her turns to pounding her while she looks up into his eyes, begging him to cum in her. The very thought sends her right over the edge. Her fingers work furiously and her knees wobble as she gives in to her ecstasy.Hot water pours over her while she recovers. Ray’s voice beckons her in the distance, an expanse that seems like miles away. “Zaria, are you coming? Breakfast is going to get.
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