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What man would want me? To bring up another man’s child?”I stopped and turned to face her, took her other hand. “Dora, I like you. I admire you, your strength, your talent, your determination to do right. And I really liked waking up with you in my arms. I don’t do casual sex. It has to mean something. It would have to be with someone who was willing to stay. Are you willing to stay?”“You’d have to drive me away, Steve. I don’t want to leave. Ever. But Steve – a baby? – in this van?”“I’ve maybe got a solution for that... if you’re serious. I know I’m ten years or so older than you, but ... will you be my girlfriend?”There was a distinct hiatus while she processed that, then her face lit up. “You want to be my boyfriend? I’ve never had a boyfriend!”“Abso...” but I didn’t get to finish, as she flung her arms round my neck and laid a scorching kiss on my lips. I think she was almost ready to be flung down on the leaf-mould, but when we broke the kiss, I took her hand to continue the. ”“Duh everyone knows who you are, you’re all anyone talks about nowadays.” Selena rolled her eyes. “Well I can’t think of a nickname for Autumn so I’ll call you Oddball.” Despite her brother creating the original nickname, it sounded right, it sound like home coming from selena. Thus Selena (Cat) and Autumn (Oddball) became bestfriends.)“Helllooooooooooo, Wake up Oddball, I think all your staring has made he come over.”Oddball snapped out of her flashback, and glanced at the tall slim, boy walking towards the table.“Oh God no, not him again, let’s go.”“Ugh Autumn I swear either you’re lesbian or you’re lesbian, he’s cute…cuteish… he’s just a little nerdy at all but he’s nice and he’s always trying to do things for you.”“I’m not interested ok Selena.” Autumn spat these words with fire, she was annoyed and clearly wanted the conversation dropped. She looked up the boy was almost at the table, a few more steps and he would be in annoying distance.The boy pulled out a chair, “Hi.
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