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He could remember all the times his master had left her alone in his care – he had always cared for her as though she were his own child. But she wasn’t. She was the other half of his heart. Hanging his head at such foolishness, such nonsense that made no sense, he reached for his walking stick. All he owned in the world was tied into a bandanna on the end of the stick. Then he walked away, into a world of possibilities …. ending the hope of this lifetime… ______________ Sitting on the edge of the corral that he had helped build, he didn’t even bother raising his head as he heard his father’s footsteps. His long dark hair hung down, covering both sides of his face, keeping his expressive blue eyes hidden. His father’s lanky frame settled down beside him. ‘You fucked up boy,’ his father said with a note of disgust in his voice. He didn’t bother defending his actions. He had fucked up. He had big plans, plans far bigger than this farm. And now his plans had hit a brick wall. Only 19. Now that we're finished we'll do your nails so you can look prettier at the party." Wants dat bubble gum colored pink, mommy." OK,"After she finished her daughter's nails, Gayle told Helen, Keep your fingers apart and don't touch anything while I get your dress for the party. I'll tell you when they're dry." Yes, mommy," Helen replied just before she put her forefinger in her mouth.Gayle could only shake her head as she got Helen's dress out of the closet. Gayle looked at the small garment and wondered how anyone could fit into something that tiny until she realized that Helen would need to grow into the dress instead.After checking Helen's fingers to see if the polish had dried Gayle put on the dress then tied the bow of the dress in the back. Gayle made Helen turn as she admired her daughter's looks. Gayle then made Helen sit at Gayle's vanity where Gayle put on a little makeup including a bubble gum lipstick. After Gayle fixed Helen's hair again and the nail polish that went into.
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