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Unfortunately he is also deficient in the weapons department. You also have to remember my Derrick is an extremely resourceful man.”“Oh yes ma’am we know that,” Kimison told her. “Though I have found that at times he does need a little help. Not a whole lot, just a little.”Shelby thought about it a moment, she had to admit even as brilliant as Derrick was he did miss things. Shaking her head she thought about that, true he’d miss some times. She’d never seen him miss very much at all. “Alright, I’ll allow you to help, though it WILL NOT include more people nor ships going back through time. Do I make myself clear?”Both men wide eyed nodded their heads affirmative. Then both began to move at a slower pace, she might not be as large as the commander but many of her looks were. The few looks she’d thrown at them left both of them knowing she was deadly serious.Kimison and Rayburn pulled up all the information they had gathered on the time portal. If they could recreate it they just. When Jake voiced his concern about Tyler trying his Romeo act on Louisa, Melissa burst into a fit of giggles. Melissa was constantly amazed at Jake’s naivety when it came to the scheming his women did without his bidding. Mr. Tyler Thornton was being set up - big time.“I wouldn’t worry too much about Louisa, Baby. We ladies got together and made a pact with Angie that if he hit on any of us we would make him pay a fine. It looks like Louisa got the hammer honors,” Melissa said.The words were no sooner out of Muffy’s mouth than sly Tyler led Louisa out the side door by her hand. Jake started to follow them when he saw Debbie slip out right behind them. Jake relaxed, Louisa would be fine, but old Tyler might be a different story.‘Jesus, women could be evil if you pissed them off,’ Jake thought. Then a second thought opened the door to hell, ‘How can a guy ever know, ahead of time, what’s going to piss them off on any given day?’ Jake quickly closed that mental door and sealed it with.
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