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No one said a word or made a move until the Emperor's guards closed the great double doors. There was a sparkle as a magical enchantment activated, sealing off any leakage of sound through the doors. The final session of the Caucus was intended to be private. Even the records would be sealed for a certain amount of time until the crisis had passed before being given to the historical archivers.Lord Uras rose."We are honored to have your most exalted presence at this last day of the Sixth Caucus of the Noble Lords of Oceanus, and we graciously offer our appreciation for your attendance."Janna was a bit taken by that statement for two reasons. For one, it was amazing to her that, in all Oceanus' history, there had been only five Caucuses before this one. That was an interesting statement about the stability of Oceanus up until this point.The other thing that struck her was the tone of Uras' statement. It was purely duty-bound. There was no real sentiment behind it. The words rang. My way of doing it was to go back up, put my lips on her right breasts and put my fingers right back into her. They pumped her rapidly as I lightly bit down on her nipple, then covered as much of her areola with my mouth as I could. The duel moves made Eva clutch onto my head with her left hand and put her right on my back.I could have sworn she scratched me at one point - which might have meant she was close. I gathered myself and pulled off one last series of big pumps, while engulfing her tit - as much as I could - with my mouth. When she tightened on me and dug her nails onto me, there was no mistaking why."Yes, yes, fucking...there!" Eva confirmed. I took my mouth off her and just laid on her chest, gritting my teeth as she came on me and tightened her grip - everywhere.Eventually, she let my hair go and merely rubbed the spot where she nicked my back. Her pussy stopped gripping my fingers as hard too, although the wetness had something to do with that. Exhaling in relief and.
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