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I have had every inclination and every interest to ‘change my ways’ with you for so long, Ada.”Sweat prickled out of her every pore at that declaration.“I wanted to own you, Ada. From the second I first laid eyes on you in Calais, I wanted to have you for my own. The fervor of this desire scared even myself for a while.”Ada licked her lips. Yes, she had hoped for passion, secretly, but she had not expected it, let alone to this overwhelming degree. She had not seen even a spark of it in Charles – he certainly held one for his business, but not for her – yet here he was. Burning.His breath and his voice both stroked her, each in different ways. “But simply sticking you in a cage and using you up was not what I wanted. I wanted you to come to me, or stay with me, willingly. To allow me to have you on my terms.”“Using… Using me up?” Ada hushed and swallowed. His words and his nearness made her mouth water. Her heart seemed to pulse both in her chest and at the apex of her thighs which. I then pulled her dress over her arse and started to finger her pussy through her pants, right in the middle of the hall. She was moaning loudly and said get your cock out, I then said best get inside !I pulled her into the bathroom, my hands all over her, I helped her out of her dress, kissing her and squeezing her arse, she tasted of wine and cigarettes, she only smokes when shes drunk. My cock was rock hard now and begging for some attention, but she announced she needed a pee. She said get out, and I said no. She was desperate for a pee so just pulled down her tights and knickers, sat down on the loo and proceeded to pee. I was so turned on, I had never seen her do this before (in 18 years together) When she was finished she reached for some paper to wipe her pussy, i said may i help you with that. She stood up, and I don't know what came over me, but I buried my face in her wet pussy and it tasted amazing, her piss and pussy juices all mixed up. I then was needing to get my cock.
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