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.. a sorceress, a witch.The signs and wonders that Kinvara had already shown Elia were more than enough to persuade her that the Lord of Light did indeed exist. The septons and septas, not to mention the maesters, tried to convince her that these were simple magic tricks intended to deceive her. So far, it seemed like envy and jealousy to Elia Sand, Princess of Dorne. They stood to lose by telling her the truth, she now believed.“Yes, yes, my dove, but there is more than I can teach you than that, my dear. Here, we are alone at the moment ... let me feed you,” Kinvara bared her breasts to the adolescent princess and let her suck at her teats at last.Elia could not resist, of course, the magnetic pull toward the bosom of the Red Priestess, who suckled her like a mother now. Kinvara caressed the soft, dark tresses of the Princess’s hair, of course and stroked her cheeks as well. The orphaned, bastard ruler of Dorne needed love more than anything else, and Kinvara was firmly committed to. I have chairs set up for everyone to sit. I have Tina sit next to me as we roast hotdogs. When we finish eating, we sit and talk. I put my hand in Tina’s lap and once again run my finger in and out of her pussy. Keeping my finger in Tina’s pussy is not easy for she tries to move it. Taking her hand, I move it to my lap and on my cock. Hearing her moan and start breathing hard, I am sure she will enjoy me fucking her tonight. Tightening her legs, I feel her start to orgasm. Flooding my hand with her juices, I hear her stifle a cry. Leaning to my ear I hear her whisper, “I cannot believe this but, I need you to fuck me now.” Excusing ourselves we head to the bedroom. As soon as the door is closed, Tina is on the bed spread eagle saying, “Put your cock in me now.” Smiling I say, “Not yet.” Moving to the bed I put my mouth on her cunt. Running my tongue up her slit and inside her pussy, I hear her moan louder than she did at the fire pit. Slapping the bed beside her, I hear her.
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