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I have Herrick and now you two, but mostly Herrick.”“I think I see where you’re going with this,” Herrick nodded. “The power behind the power behind the throne scenario.”“Yep,” Kirim nodded as well. “Problem is, we don’t know who. It might have changed and we don’t know what their motivations are, other than to control the Empire. Though to what purpose? But, they probably figured they could control you, Manny.”“Interesting,” Amantil replied, her eyes glittering with repressed anger, though not aimed at us. “The murder of my family released a character trait of constructive paranoia in me. It took just over a decade before I permitted anyone other than an AI to advise me and another decade after that before a dashing young monitor caught my eye and my affections enough to become my lover.”“Even then, you didn’t talk ‘shop’ for a good long while, my love,” Herrick chuckled.“True, even now I occasionally get a bit wary of discussing certain subjects with you, despite loving you to bits. Not one of them can get enough of it.Jill stepped in front of Wendy, slid her finger between her legs, then held it up to my nose and asked, “Do you think she is ready for your attention?”I inhaled the scent on her finger and licked a drop off the end of her finger and laughed, “I think she is, but I could use a shower before we begin. Think you can warm them up while I clean off all the sweat for the day?”Jill smiled at Wendy as she pushed her back on the bed. She looked at Helen, “Please mount that pretty little face, instruct her in exactly what you like. I am going to sample this wonderful clean shaven piece of womanhood.”Helen crawled on the bed and mounted Wendy’s face, she gasped as Wendy started to pleasure her. Helen yelled out, “OOOOuuuu.” Then in a throaty voice she said, “This woman requires no instruction in how to pleasure a woman.”Helen moaned as Jill kneeled on the floor and went to work on Wendy’s sexual center. I left them and quickly showered off the day’s sweat.
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