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The oldest of the six spoke, "Dac of the Jearet clan I am Resran." He held up his hand in the formal clan greeting, "We men are ashamed of our cowardness and we thank you for what you have done. Broc would have made himself clan leader in the place of the dead Therm. Then indeed would we have had a more villainous ruler than the hated tyrant who fell before your spear." I am pleased to hear that you understand why we did what we did here today Resran, you and the others have made a friend this day. I thank you." I responded."And again thank you Dac of the Jearet clan. In our embarrassment we have learned something of ourselves this day. And although it is still difficult for some to accept a woman as leader, I too agree Martreen will do well for this clan. In spite of the difficulty for some to accept right away, please believe, most if not all the men of this clan will contentedly protect Martreen with their own lives if necessary."I smiled and placed my hand on his shoulder, "Thank. W:\library finale\Untitled_0001 _2__0048.jpgThere, you see. How could I do this to you with my hands tied?? His cock throbbed as I massaged him, turning him against the wall. ?You obviously don?t need to tie me up hunny to get hard?! He frowned. Torn between what he knew what he should do & sacrificing the sensation of my advances. I was slowly taking control of my captor. Grinding against him I took his hands & pulled them behind me. ?Does that feel nice hunny? I love a man?s hands on my bottom. Why do you think I wore my tightest, shiniest skirt?? His hands slid up & down over the taught slippery fabric, squeezing my contours on every stroke. I stared seductively into his eyes but he looked distracted. He knew he was becoming drunk with my seduction. He shook his head & pushed me away. W:\library finale\Untitled_0001 _2__0061.jpg ?That?s enough just shut up, Jesus you?re a fucking nightmare?! He was shaking his head his hands raked through his hair as he tried to clear his.
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