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All she said was, "When you get outside your house, touch it and say 'change'."All I could say was "okay", almost as if she had commanded and I would do her bidding. The rest of the day seemed to blur right by, and no one else noticed the drawing. It didn't even come off during gym class, when I had been really sweaty. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of my home's door. I touched the drawing and said "change". Man, I had never been so stupid in my whole life.All of a sudden, breasts started to grow on my chest, and I was just standing there like a stupefied idiot. My hips started to grow outwards, and my stomach collapsed inwards to form a flat stomach. My ears became pierced, and little heart earrings were placed in them (as I saw later). My nose shrank, my eyes turned blue and my hair a beautiful golden, which then grew to my shoulders. My lips puffed out and I couldn't help but look like I was right about to kiss someone. My ass shrunk and firmed up, and my back arched,. Besides, he could feel them, the answers, finally within his reach, when all other means of achieving his goal had proved futile. He felt it in his gut, that this was the final world. The final life he would be forced to live. He just had to wait a little longer, and in time, he would finally know peace. However, until then, this world also offered him amusement, and he planned to enjoy it as much as he could. Besides, he still had the knight academy to look forward to.He reached Bella’s door and gave a knock. “Hey Bella, it’s—”The door flung open to reveal the eager bunny girl, naked and beautiful with a bottle of wine in her hand and a lustful smile on her face. Drinking and sex were the traditional revels after a victorious battle in this world. ‘When in Rome…’----------Knight’s Day, it started early, though technically, it didn’t start at all. The festivities were put on hold, and since midnight, everyone in the military with skills to contribute had been recruited to help.
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