’ He withdrew his sword and charged. Jase’s was naked in his gloved hand and he thrust it up to block. Tanaka was smaller but rage gave him strength and Jaese’s eyes, the only visible part of his face showing through the ski-mask, widened. He twisted and drove Tanaka’s sword to the side, jumping back. Madly Tanaka grinned. ‘En garde.’ *** Things were quiet. Just four months ago it had been revealed that Neit had one of my lovers kill the Roman champion. I was the Irish champion and none of our camp were to know about the Tournament. Neit himself was only there to babysit my trainer the goddess Morrigan, but the snake had done more than spill the beans, he’d tried to derail the Tournament. She had intervened in my first challenge and was on probation. Hugh was dead by Tanaka, and Sinead and Kelner had gone with Neit. It was just me, Fiona, and John now with Morrigan. Daily I trained with my fellow reincarnates, the only two people who knew what it was like to have their souls reborn. I'm 5' 8" and I keep my hair shoulder length so that it is easier to maintain. I'm a brunette and because I swim often I don't bother with colours etc, they simply don't last. I sauntered down to the waters edge and then ran straight into the next wave. I don't believe in checking the water before diving in and today was no different. The water was just right. I spent about 20 minutes in the water enjoying the waves and the relaxing movement of the water.I noticed that the four boys were out of the water and playing a bit of beach cricket on the sand. I call them boys because they were all about 18 or 19. Boys to me. I swam into shore and wandered over to my towel and dried myself off. I took the time to examine the boys as they mucked about. When one of them waved to me I knew that I had seen them before. I couldn't believe it but they were all students from last years Year 12. I gingerly waved back and they all made a point of waving to me.That would be my luck. I take a day off.
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