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She was wearing black boots over stocking clad legs, and a short black skirt finished off the bottom half exquisitely. From the bikini clad past I also knew that her coat hid a pair of large breasts that I had often fantasised about putting my cock between. As I lowered the passenger side window this thought alone was enough to cause a stirring in my cock. "Hi, Sue need a lift?" Sue leaned into the window, causing my mind to instantly think of a working girl sounding out a trick."Sure Mike if it's not too much trouble."Sue and Tony's house was only a few minutes off of a direct route home, and it was a pleasant journey spent chatting about my parents, and Sue's daughters. It seemed that Tony was away on business, whilst the university terms of Katie and Sarah had yet to finish. Sexual thoughts had been pushed to the back of my mind although every now and then I would get a glimpse of the black stockings between the top of Sue's boots and the hem of her tight skirt. In next to know. ”I woke from my dream with a yell. Sweat cooling on my skin causing me to shiver. Gasping for breath, I stared, unseeing, at my small chamber. My eyes still witnessing the fetted rot of Yellow Mike’s camp. When a small pair of arms wrapped themselves around me from behind, and began gently shaking me.“Bishop!?” the voice was sweet, but full of fear. “Bishop, wake up! It was only a dream!” I turned my head to see the frightened violet eyes that had captivated me since I first saw them, staring at me in worry. Nadia wrapped her arms around my neck, sighing in relief, when she saw my face soften. “I heard you yelling in your sleep. I tried waking you up, but I couldn’t.” She whispered through a slight sob.I felt two small, gentle hands guide me back to my bed, as my breathing slowly returned to normal. My eyes were closing again, slowly drawing me back to sleep, when I felt my bed shift. I was surprised to feel Nadia’s naked body snuggle into my own. Her naked back felt cool, and.
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