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" Me too Mike." Pat pushed the end button on her cell only to hear it buzz again."Gibson" she said."Pat, it's Jamie Saddler." Yes, Captain?" Pat answered to her boss, the head of the detective division at the Central Precinct."Pat I was at the station when this happened. I have the suspects here and have started the paperwork. Normally I'd just you tell to scoot for home but one of the witnesses is an English woman, a tourist visiting here. She's somewhat shook up and I would like you to talk to her. Take her statement, reassure her and get her back to her hotel. I realize its not really part of your duties but would you?" Of course I will Captain." Pat reflected, how nice of him, he could have simply ordered her to do this. Instead he made it seem like she was doing him a favor. "Be there is five minutes."The minute she entered the station Pat realized why she had been reluctant to come by earlier. In her haste to get out of the house and on the previous call she had ended up with a. Her fingers and knuckles going white from the strain of holding herself back from entering the dog pen. She continued to beg and plead with her father, "Please, Papa, please listen to me. I need your understanding," she sobbed, her heaving causing her heavy breasts to bob up and down on her chest. Her father looked at her with disgust, "Let go of the fence you cheap whore," he said. He pulled Nena forward roughly, his big laborer's hand clutching her upper arm in a vice like grip. His thick fingers gripping upper arm like a pair of pincers.Nena lost her grip on the steel poles and cried out as her father swung her forward causing her to trip and fall forward on the dirt. Nena tried to scurry away like a little animal as her father approached nudging her with his foot, the hard boot digging into the softness of her tummy and the underside of her large swinging tits, insistently guiding her towards the doghouse in the middle of the yard. Nena cried and whimpered as her father nudged.
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