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I know if we cannot find a compromise my life is forfeit. So I have a suggestion I hope will be to your liking.”“I am listening, my lady, pray continue,” Davey said as he continues to stroke the white mare.“My husband is rich in money, but poor in physical wealth. I am sure my memory of the other night would be quite driven from my mind if the masked stranger from then were to service my needs this very hour.”Her voice was calm, and as in the coach, showed not a trace of fear.Davey studied her for a long time. He was pleased to see she sat astride her horse, rather than the side-saddle style favoured by most women.“My lady, does not riding in that way damage your pantaloons? I would have thought the movement would have torn them,” he asked with a laugh.Without a moment's hesitation, Jane lifted her skirts to reveal her shapely white legs.“See, nothing to damage.”Davey allowed a hand to slide up the shapely leg and across in front of the naked cunt he had glimpsed in the coach.“I. “You repeat yourself because you’re impatient,” Vondi shot back.“Well, that too,” Radu admitted with a nervous grin. “At least I don’t go around breaking things like some people I could mention.”“People shouldn’t irritate me so much,” Vondi replied with a sniff and a soft chuckle. She was chewing on a lock of her hair, a sign of her own nerves. “Where is that man?!?”“See?” Radu laughed. The laugh was rich but somehow seemed hollow at the same time. There was a fine irregularity underlying the sound. “You do it, too!”“I’m allowed,” Vondi laughed back. Her laugh wasn’t as bold as normal either. Both of the two looked haggard and worried. “I break things otherwise – and then you have to replace what I break. It’s cheaper this way.”Werten shuffled through the door behind Radu and Radu turned at the intrusion. The old man’s face was almost devoid of color, a pale gray sitting deep in his lined, wrinkled face. He looked older and more decrepit than Radu had ever seen him and was actually.
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