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I was wearing a sleeveless round necked top. The light pink colored top was a little loose for me. I was wearing tight-fitting blue colored cotton shorts. The top had a big picture of mickey mouse, my favorite cartoon character. I was barefoot as I lay on the couch playing with the remote.Suddenly the front doorbell rang. “Hi Ayesha”, it was Renu didi. She was working in some company and was staying on the same floor as ours with her colleague. “Hi, didi. Please come in”, I invited her in. I settled on the couch while she sat near me. “Is auntie at home?”, she asked. “No didi. She is out of town for some work”. “Oh ok. My roomie too left for her hometown for the weekend. I was feeling bored and I thought I will chit chat with your mom for some time”. “It’s ok didi. I am also bored. Its good that you came here now”, I said, smiling at her. “So, your exams are over?”, she enquired. “Today was the last day”, I said, opening my arms wide in victory. “Cool”, she said laughing loudly. “Do. That would ruin both her and our surprise.We realized that this was opportunity so we slowly slid the balcony door open and sneaked out. Of course they would still walk in anytime but we felt safer behind the glass door and the sheer curtains. Though only the sheers were drawn, they could not see us in the dim light and even in full lights, there was about couple of feet of areas on both sides where the thick curtains as also drawn for us to hide.Soon my cousin came from the bedroom. He was blindfolded and Arpita was holding his hand. She made her stand in front of the cake. Then she said, ” wait a minute and don’t cheat” and disappeared into the room. She came back in like 30 seconds but there was something different. Something was missing. In fact, most of her clothes were missing! She stood there and in some dark colored lingerie that left little to imagination. Both of us did not know what to do then. We looked at each other, decided to ignore each other and looked on. She asked.
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