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. yet that is," she noted as she unclipped herbra, revealing her B-cup breasts, which bounce a bit, nice and perky.She rubbed a hand against her supple nipples, while her free handremoved her delicate panties and tights, showing her recently shavenfeminine slit. She began to knead her slit while rubbing one of herboobs, until she cried out in a high womanly cry.Slowly, she eased her hands away, and took another look at herself.Louise then swept her hair over to one shoulder, and began to tug at theback of her neck. Finally she found success with a subtle beauty mark,tugging at it to reveal the start of a zipper track running down herback. "Ahh, man, this feels good," Tami uttered seductively as shegrabbed the zipper and pulled it down her back to a point right near hercollarbone, just before her supple ass. Under her skin, wasn't musclesand sinews, but someone else's skin, much darker in tone compared toTami's creamy white skin. "Still this has been a fun time, better thanflipping. I expected Jimmy to grab my tits as he normally did when I came over but his eyes and focus never left the television. I waited another thirty minutes and then snorted another line. Jimmy stood up and walked to his bedroom door. “Make sure to lock up once you’re done here.”And with that he walked in his room and shut the door. My self-esteem shot even lower. Now I couldn’t even get Jimmy to fuck me. My brain jumped from anger at Courtney to thoughts of how ugly I must be. I was frustrated - emotionally and sexually.I spent over two hours alone at Jimmy’s. Sitting in the dark. Skiing by myself. By the time I got home it was past seven in the morning. Courtney’s car was already gone. If she hadn’t gone to work I would have tried to send her to the hospital. I had had enough of her.I went up to my room and took off my shirt and bra and then my shorts. I looked at myself in the full length mirror hanging on the back of my door. I was wearing only panties and I turned.
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