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Did that additional info get here from Tohoula County?”“Yeah. Sheila said Doc would examine the fingerprints, but she could tell with nothing but a magnifying glass that they were a match. They also sent dental records which Doc will take a look at, but, itʼs Susan Landry, no doubt about it.”“What do we know about her?”
“Sheilaʼs got the records. She should be able to tell you.”
The two stepped back into the office where the plump jack-of-all-trades was finishing sorting through the rather skimpy files.
“What have you got?” asked Linda.
“Not a whole lot. The fileʼs pretty thin. Father is Fred Landry, a construction worker. Retired. He and the mother, Laverne, were divorced seven years ago. The girl lived with her mother in an apartment there in Talmidge. The mother said the girl left for her part time job at the local Seven-Eleven about seven PM on Wednesday the 11th. But the store manager said she never showed. He called the mother who reported her missing.”“Thatʼs almost a week. Kate went down on her knees and gobbled up the dick which had been fucking me, her eyes still drawn to me being hammered on the bed.My sex partner abruptly stopped fucking and I grabbed his buttocks, tryingand to urge him back into action. He resisted."I’m going to cum in you," he said with a sneer.My heart beat faster and I pleaded with my eyes before feeling my resolve harden."Go on then," I said, calling his bluff. "Get me pregnant and I’ll have your baby."It was the old guy’s turn to look worried as I wrapped my little legs around his waist and ground myself against his cock.We locked eyes, both challenging each other, and he began to pump again. I was scared, but confident that I would prevail. He tried to pull out and I held him there, mocking him with my eyes. I was proved right as the ugly bastard on top of me cried out and used his superior strength to wrench himself from the grasp of my tight cunt. Mimicking this action, Kate pulled the cock out of her mouth and gawked at.
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