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For that matter, if they managed to escape from the prison and keeptheir heads down, avoiding the notice of the secret police, they mightstill be stuck living out the rest of their characters' natural livesin Gerald's dystopian world. They wouldn't know that dying would bringthem back home safely."We've got to go in after them," I said."How?" Karen asked."Me and Bill roll up a couple of new characters and Gerald starts a newsession with us." Do you think that will work?" Gerald asked."I have no idea. But we've got to try. You can give us insideinformation, show us all your maps and notes on the prison, and thesecret police and anything else we might need to know. And I figureour new characters can be prison guards who are secretly members of theresistance -- we'd be ideally placed to rescue them, or to put them out oftheir misery if the technomancers have already started vivisecting them."Bill reluctantly agreed. "I'm terrified of facing those guys again,even if I know I'll just. "The second girl continued, "the neophytes shall have to pass the test. This will prove their worthiness to sojourn on to proselyte and eventually become an initiate of the sisterhood." Once a proselyte," Kelli carried on, "they shall take an oath of fealty to The Sisterhood and will continually be evaluated by The Sisterhood. If one is found unworthy she will be cast out. Never to return." After proving oneself worthy of becoming an initiate of The Sisterhood, the proselyte shall be invested into The Sisterhood and be made aware of all the rewards and the responsibilities of an initiate of The Sisterhood." If any feels they are not up to the tasks before them, leave now and know that no less will be thought of you," Kelli said in monotone."If you stay, all that you see and hear is to be kept secret from those not in The Sisterhood," the other girl said.The two girls paused and waited to see if any of the neophytes wanted to leave. When no one got up, Kelli shouted, startling the.
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